Machine rental

Why rent?

Renting machines occurs more and more often. Every organisation has compelling reasons to rent. For instance, one company wants to rent a machine, in order to try it out before making the purchasing decision. Another company does it for economic reasons, and does not need to make a large investment by renting. Renting can also be useful in quickly increasing capacity, before a new machine can be delivered, or to replace a machine that is defective.

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For companies that want to carefully research the market, and at the same time react to future market developments, renting also gives significant flexibility.

Our rental company TSW BV is specialist in the rental of high frequency (HF) welding machines, heat seal machines and packaging machines.  TSW has a large assortment of rental machines and offers the most appropriate machine for each project and a tailored rental solution for each project.



On the website you can find complete information on renting HF welding machines and packaging machines.