About us

Here you will find a brief summary entitled “About Us”:

  • In 1987, Technisch Serviceburo Willems B.V. (TSW BV) was established by Frank Willems. In 2001, this became Willems Industriële Producties B.V.
  • At start the business mainly focused on industrial engineering and technical service. Soon after it grew and included the development and manufacture of machinery, particularly in the area of manufacturing and handling processes and (or in combination with) high frequency welding techniques. Everything in-house.
  • Management and (only) shareholders are Frank Willems and Wiljan Willems.
  • Customised is our standard. For both new and used machines.
  • Innovation is our passion, which has kept us sharp for almost 30 years. New developments in industries in which we are most active (automotive, medical, plastics) are coming ever faster. We are increasingly involved in these new developments at an early stage.
  • There is also our strength: we put our expertise and problem-solving ability into the area of plastic joining techniques and production automation in general, and high frequency technology in particular, and we stay up-to-date on all new developments in the industry.
  • Our work area knows no boundaries: we have been active for years all over Europe, and elsewhere.
  • We like to think in complete solutions for our customers, which ultimately result in a competitive edge, whether we are providing or renting new or used machines, or we are offering retrofitting solutions or automating production processes.
  • However, we always employ a project-based approach in the implementation and handling of our assignments, in which our client is always intensively involved.
  • Want to know more?   Then feel free to contact us!

Willems Industriële Producties B.V.: Your partner in finding the competitive edge!