Advantages of high frequency welding technology to other joining processes: very even and very fast melting process, accurate control of the melting process (dosage, duration and position) possible.

The great advantage of high frequency welding is speed. The materials to be welded are heated from the inside, making a very even and very fast melting process, often within seconds.

With other heating processes (heat sealing or thermo-sealing, mirror welding, hot air welding, friction welding, ultrasound welding), the heat is applied to the material from outside. The heat is not distributed evenly and more heat loss occurs.

With high frequency welding processes, dosage, duration and place of heating can be accurately chosen and regulated.

All the advantages of high frequency welding to other plastic welding processes are:

  • very fast, even heating;
  • very strong welded connections possible with very high seam strength (similar to base material);
  • resulting excellent controllability and reproducibility;
  • therefore welded connections of constant quality, good quality control possible;
  • as a result, HF welding processes can be well automated;
  • particularly suitable for poorly conductive materials;
  • particularly suitable for very thick film layers;
  • innovative products and processes possible;
  • possibility of simultaneous cutting and welding of a contour (also 3D);
  • low energy use through limited heating loss